I don’t know where this is going

“In the fall of 2010, we gathered together in our living room, invited all our friends, and pushed record over a 2-day weekend. The idea was to capture the simple choruses from the past few years and share them with our growing community as a reminder of what God was doing. It was a beautiful mess. With no sound system or monitoring, it was a miracle we even played in time. But the essence of the songs and the testimony of the season was forever transcribed to a hard drive. To our surprise, the songs released from that weekend grew wings and took flight, making their way around the world one community at a time”

Introducing my new favourite not-really-a-band but coolest-band-you-will-ever-encounter: United Pursuit! I mean they’ve named themselves United Pursuit so you just KNOW they’re amazing.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I go through insane-obsessive phases about literally everything (such as: the word literally), food (right now it’s pretzels), television programmes, ‘stuff’ (hand cream since grade nine) and on top of my list every single time – MUSIC.

I even have a phrase (it’s not mine, it’s stolen – like everything else I own): I don’t “love”, I OBSESS. 

The lord has really been convicting me, lately, of the music I’m listening to and moreso what I am opening myself up to by listening to specific songs. Now, as a faithful Rihanna (amongst others) fan this was too hard a thing to hear, I mean I love my girl Rih but sjoe! I would not exactly  describe anything about her music as ‘pure’, I don’t know – maybe it’s just a ‘me’ thing.  One of the greatest things we are called to be is pure and a common mistake made out here is that of limiting purity to sex. Purity goes so much further than that – and the reality is that person you’re looking at whose “sexual sin” you regard to be greater than yours could have SUCH a pure heart – not that I’m dumbing-down kinds of sin now (not the point, Uvile!). To be pure is a life-thing; to be presentable before God *dramatic pause*. On the real, though, the other day while I was blurting “I WANNA BE LIKE KAAAANYE” at the top of my lungs the Lord started reminding me of a prayer I had prayed a while back: “Lord, Break my heart for what breaks yours” and that began to break me. First of all: I don’t even LIKE that song but secondly WHAT ON PLANET EARTH am I proclaiming?? “I wanna be like Kanye?” REALLY UVILE!!

“I’ll be the King of me always
Do what I want, I’ll have it my way
All day, like Kanye-eah, yeah, yeah”

Yeah, hey. I don’t know, it just seems a bit (a lot) wrong – not to mention, inaccurate – that I want God to be the king of my life and that His will should be done in my life but meantime… Obviously, I don’t mean that by singing a song you are proclaiming it’s lyrics over your life but, for me, it’s about the concept of what I’m putting out there and and and.

(I still don’t know where this is going) but the point, I think: MUSIC. Uvile was convicted. Repentance. Yes. Seriously, though, I thought about it – if we start every church service with music as a form of praise and worship then music must be a MASSIVE thing because, well when you’re out here singing “So what we get drunk – so what we smoke weed, we’re just having fun – we don’t care who sees” what are you worshiping and inter alia what are you opening your soul up to? But then again, who am I to talk? I still read books about murder ( -_-).

Think about it.

Also: You should totally (please) listen to United Pursuit (my favourite band that isn’t a band, actually) in particular they’re album Simple Gospel.

– Health&Happiness, Uvile


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