Love, Loving and Being In-Love

What even on planet Earth? Insane. Cray. My mind cannot wrap itself around the concept. How? Seriously. This has been the conversation in our room for the past month or so – just how vast and amazing love is and what it actually is and just how it happens.

How does it happen? How does one love? When do your feelings for that girl you started speaking to in class last year turn to ‘I love you, My friend’? At what point did your feelings for her cross over into the love realm? and is there even a whole realm? What. Brain breaking. Because it isn’t as though we sit in a room and make these decisions. It literally just happens to you. You just love. You have no control whatsoever; it’s part of your make-up, if I can put it that way.

I find it insanely fascinating. Beautiful.

It’s so easy, so simple, to just love. Growing up with siblings – even at age 3 – you have this overwhelming feeling of love for them and it doesn’t make any sense but it’s quite literally in you.  (I can’t speak for you as an only child, though: askies). Yes, you might grow up and not get along with them and they might hurt you (or not, I’m not speaking negativity over your life now) or whatever but YOU STILL LOVE THEM beyond the place where you are choosing this. Whoah.

In contrast – you can also choose to love people and then end up genuinely loving them beyond your control. Uhm.. no, Love, stop it! I chose you – now I want to unchoose you! Then Love just laughs. Crazy.


It’s not all sunshine and roses though because now we have these feelings and our hearts are overwhelmed and our minds are going through the most and and and. But now we need to focus on loving smartly; being intentional because the truth is – the world is messed up and it’s greedy and it takes and takes and the people you love need to know you love them. You need to be the difference. You need to give. “Awgh, Natalie knows her ginger hair is beautiful” yes? NO. TELL HER ANYWAY! because I can almost promise you she hasn’t thought that today. Learn your friends’ love language; make them tea, let them have the last Smartie egg, send them pictures of leaves, a lovely song – I don’t know. “Love is a verb. A doing word. Love is what Love does” – be intentional about it, go out of your way, make a few sacrifices, learn your loved ones. Love your loved ones. Let your loved ones know they are loved. Always.

Oh, and don’t get me started on being ‘in-love’

– Health&Happiness, Uvile


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