Sport as therapy

I’ve existed, more times than once, in a psychologist’s chair and had multiple (read: three) of these lovely humans go on and on and on about how I needed to exercise or look to running as an ‘escape’ and all that other crap nine years of Life Orientation also told me. Nonsense, I deemed it. BUT NOW!

Now I get it!


Not really though. When I run I, mostly, feel miserable – let’s be honest here: when last did you see someone jogging with a big smile on their face? Now I’m not talking about those people who do cross-fit for fun, I mean normal human beings! (Does one even “do” cross-fit? How do I use this term? I’m soo uneducated).

BUT How wonderful is playing sport – running running running chasing yoooou (sorry, Beyonce came and interrupted me there). The fact that there is a group of people who, for the next couple of minutes, have one purpose; getting the round thingy through the other round thingy or, you know, shooting a goal (again soo uneducated). It’s so beautiful – the sole focus of every single person in that space at that moment is a ball and that’s it! Even the spectators, they too; solely focused on the goal posts and observing that the team works together to achieve something – it’s brilliant! When you’re playing sport NOTHING ELSE MATTERS; not that test you failed yesterday, not that fight you had with your brother, NOTHING. How lovely? It’s a break – from life – and the best part is that even afterwards you are way too exhausted and can’t even think about your problems anyway, regardless of whether you intended to or not. Right now your greatest worry in life is that you lost to that team which you’ve defeated three times in the past, the fact that some girl tramped you with her soccer boots or something that trivial (I mean NOT trivial). That is so lovely. So so lovely. When playing sport I genuinely feel as though I have ‘normal’ problems for once that EVERYONE can relate to – that I can outwardly express emotion about something important to. us. all.

Wow. I think I just made myself understand why “MOB-Mentality” is a thing! (WELL DONE, UVILE!)

And that, in retrospect, is what life is missing. People who are with you in, well, everything. Because think about it when you have the best day of your life somewhere else in your life is probably experiencing the worst and vice versa and it poses a type of struggle to really ‘be in your feels’ while the people around you (or the people you love) are unable to relate or are in a completely different space than you.

Basically. Play Sport. Be Free. Get angry OUT LOUD even if it’s for a few seconds. It’s therapeutic.

– Health&Happiness, Uvile



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