50 Random Facts

About me… like everything. I’m kidding! I am so totally NOT conceited.

  1. I’ve never had chicken pox, measles or mumps. I’m convinced I might be some kind of super human – or non human, depending on how you see it.
  2. I used to be TWITTER OBSESSED! Crazy even. I had two Twitter accounts and frequently got into ‘Twitter Jail’. What is Twitter Jail, Uvile? Well.. when you tweet more than 100 tweets per minute Twitter assumes you’re possibly a spam account, or whatever, and then you get banned from sending any tweets for a while. Yes…
  3. I deactivated my Instagram account less than 6 months after I got it… and then got it again 6 months later
  4. My favourite person on Earth is my gran – she goes by ‘Khulu’. Literally. Everyone calls her Khulu. I’m pretty sure her friends don’t even know her name.
  5. I’ve never had a birthday party and I do not want one. The concept does not make any sense to me but that’s a topic for another post.
  6. Never been in a conventional hospital bed, well.. unless you count that two seconds where you lie on your back on your GP’s little weird bed thing so he can feel your stomach up.
  7. Eloping is a fantasy I have. I know. I know. Sssshhhhhhh.
  8. I hate surprises.
  9. I genuinely believe unicorns exist. They simply have to. (I don’t actually)
  10. I love reading but I have issues finishing books. I don’t know. It isn’t that I  am unable, because I am but I have an issue with it. I think I’ve only ever finished 3 books in my entire life. Don’t get me wrong I know how they end and I read until the middle of the last chapter, sometimes even to the last page but just. not. the. end. I don’t know, just… no.
  11. Netball is my whole life. Not really, but I didn’t have another way to communicate how much love I have for the sport. I find netball so beautiful, so violent, so free and just; AH. Netball. I love it.
  12. I play soccer but find it one of the dumbest sports on planet Earth. Come on! Seriously? Run run run and see what happens. Whooppee!
  13. I SUCK at tennis. I love it so so so much and I know EVERYTHING about it but I’m just a horrid player and I don’t understand. My hand-eye coordination is just spastic.
  14. I’m not a cupcake fan – I mean, I eat them, but I don’t think I’ve ever, or ever will go out of my way to buy one for as long as muffins exist.
  15. I haaaaaaaaaaate things that fly. I don’t mean planes and such but bugs and those irritating little stuffies that come only to suck up any amount of happiness you have hovering around you.
  16. I have 5 piercings .. or three? Do I count a pair as one or two?
  17. I’ve “dramatically” cut my hair every year for the last 4 years
  18. I don’t like getting flowers. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy looking at them but they. don’t. last. Please get me something that will last – something LONG term. Or chocolate; something I can enjoy. Not something that’s going to die on me!
  19. Favourite colour is pink.
  20. I refused to eat peanut butter until matric and now I AM OBSESSED.
  21. I’ve never broken a limb or anything
  22. I don’t know how to ride a bike.
  23. I’ve never watched the Titanic. nor Lion King. Meh.
  24. Favourite member of One Direction is Louis Tomlinson.
  25. I suck at driving!
  26. I am really good at playing Sudoku. If life was a game of Sudoku… I’m just saying.
  27. I absolutey LOVE popcorn! They just make so much sense – same texture as always but you can have them taste however you want depending on your choice of seasoning!!! From sweet (icing sugar, caramel) to whatever the hell you want. They also smell amazing and are so fluffly and perfect. I don’t go to movies for the movies.. I go for the POPCORN!
  28. In contrast, I hate chewing. I’ll eat pronutro, very sogggy cornflakes and Futurelife for the rest of my mornings in life because muesli takes way too much effort. The only time it is acceptable to chew stuff is when it’s crackers or popcorn. There I said it!
  29. I have 3 best friends. Yes. Maybe 4, I’m not sure.
  30. My favourite movies are – Belle, Man Of The House (with Christina Milian) and Home (the animation).
  31. I cannot study in silence. Cannot. My brain would start to scream and erupt and that just wouldn’t be a lovely sight for anyone involved. I think this is also why I almost die every time I have to write a test or an exam.
  32. I don’t want to live past 70. Honestly. Why?
  33. I have a weird affectionate love for Nicholas Cage. I don’t find him attractive – I want to be friends with him. In a non-weird way.
  34. I refuse. refuse. refuse. to cook. I would rather starve. I make eggs and stuff like that but that’s where I draw the line. Honestly, I think I actually could if I tried but refuse to.
  35. I don’t like receiving phone calls. I mean if you want to contact me regarding meeting up with me (and I am aware that we’re gonna meet up) or you need something from my room and I’m not replying on Whatsapp – I GET IT. But unless you’re my gran or my parents do not just phone me to talk without warning me first. I think that’s why I don’t answer calls – it makes me anxious. I am an awkward human and phone calls are so “demanding me to be able to speak” and I need to mentally prepare myself for conversations. For people. Sjoe. So please. Send a message “Can I call you in 10 minutes?” or something. Be polite! Thanks x
  36. Rihanna. Yes.
  37. I don’t believe in politics. Call me ignorant.
  38. I’v never had a proper boyfriend. Haha. Long story. But so is my whole life.
  39. I’m secretly a very organised and crazy-about-details kind of person. Micro-managey some might call it.
  40. I looooooooooooooove cereal.
  41. I don’t believe in being/getting cold. It’s all in the mind.
  42. Never watched Superman nor any of the other superhero movies.
  43. I’ve kept a journal every year of my life since 2007 except last year.
  44. I get horrible motion sickness! Even in a car.. going to the shop… up the road. Euw.
  45. I suck my thumb when I try to fall asleep.
  46. I’ve been to 4 different psychologists / counseling people in my life.
  47. I hate cats.
  48. I used to be obsessed with Sims. It’s the only thing I know how to play on Playstation.
  49. I am extremely competitive. My brain just does things to me.
  50. I’ve never been outside of South Africa. I haven’t even been to KZN.

– Health&Happiness, Uvile


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